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Welcome at Himpe GmbH - your reliable partner for measurement equipment

When it comes to meaurement of liquid, vaporous or gasious media in pipelines an vessels, for more than 65 years we have been your reliable partner for all methods related to the precise determination of temperature, pressure, level and flow. As one of the leading companies of primary measurement devices we will find the best solution for your individual procedural challenge.

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Our Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio comprises a variety of measurement tools for plant construction. Our emphasis lies on support elements for the measurement of temperature, pressure, level and flow. Supplementary to our products we offer ancillary services, that precede and follow the production as well as all suitable assembly parts ou need. Due to our expertise and facilites in the deep drilling technology we also offer drilling services as wagework.

Temperature Pressure Level Flow Mounting Parts Service

With our pressurized and sealing products for temperature measurement, temperature gauges are reliably hold off of aggressive media. Therewith we facilitate temperature meWe manufacture thermowells and temperature gauges for electric and mechanic measuring elements including coatings and sheatings made from all metallic materials.

We manufacture thermowells and temperature gauges for electric and mechanic measuring elements including coatings and sheatings made from all metallic materials.

Temperature Measurement


Pressure tapping is an essential component of the pressure measurement process, especially with regards to the differential pressure method. Those measurement set-ups are precisely standardized. We provide various designs according to the prevailing standards for all pressure levels.

Our portfolio comprises sampling tubes and probes as well as a comprehensive choice of accessories for pressure measurement set-ups for gas, vaopur and liquids. These can be provided in all metalic materials.

Pressure Measurement


With regards to levele measurement possibilities are manifold. For almost every solution we offer the appropriate vessel. We have focused on condensing vessels, levelling vessels and reference vessels. Additionally we provide surge pipes and gauge glasses.

We can manufacture in all materials and for all pressure levels up to a size of 1m³. according to DIN norm or Our pressure vessels are provided according to customer specific requirements.

Level Measurement


Flow measurement can be reliably determined with throttle devices through the differential pressure method, that is based on the Bernoulli principle. Depending on the requirements, we offer promary devices in form of measuring sections, standard orifices, segmental orifces, standard nozzles, venturi nozzles and venturi tubes. Within a distinct aggegate state the method can be used for broad temperature and pressure ranges.

Our primary devices can be manufactures – depending on the design - according to standard and officially calibrated versions for all pressure levels and materials. Primary devices are produced up to a nominal diameter of NS 1000, orifices up to NS 2000.

Flow Measurement


Addionallly our product portfolio includes a variety of supplemental mounting parts for pressure measurement set-ups. Among others we manufacture throttle discs or quantity restriction discs respectively as well as compensation tanks and assembly parts.

Our supplemental parts can also be produced from all metallic materials and pressure levels. Even small series and individual production can be manufactured from special material such as highly heat resisting materials.

mounting Parts


Our service comprises operations that precede and follow the production. Among others they include technical consultation, after-sales service, calculations for thermowels and priary devices as well as an extensive range of destructive and non-destructive tests.

All services are conducted and documented by qualified experts within our own testing facilities.