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Radiographic Test

HomeServicesTestingRadiographic Test
HomeServicesTestingRadiographic Test

Radiographic Test

The radiographic test is generally used for the detection of internal discontinuities in welding seams with a wall thickness up to 40 mm. The preparation and analysis of the test is solely conducted by certified personnel according to DIN EN 473 level 2.


Recording technique according to DIN EN 1435:

X-rays simple wall: class A+B up to t=20 mm
X-rays double wall: class A+B up to t=10 mm

Gamma rays iridium192 class A simple wall: t=20-100 mm
Gamma rays iridium192 class B double wall: t=10-45 mm

Evaluation according to group B for pressure vessels, C for medium strained components, D for simple steel structures.


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