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Ultrasonic Test

HomeServicesTestingUltrasonic Test
HomeServicesTestingUltrasonic Test

Ultrasonic Test

The ultrasonic test according to DIN EN 12668-1 is an accustic method to find material defects. Using ultrsound components can even be testes without dismantling. The preparation and analysis of the test is solely conducted by certified personnel according to DIN EN 473 level 2.


Application area (order number accord. To DIN EN ISO 6520-1):

Wormholes/pores: 2011 and 2016
Inclusion: 300 and 3042
Lack of fusion: 401 and 402
Root concavity: 515 and 5013

The ultrosonic test is generally used for primary material t>6 mm, for rolled, forged and cast material as well as for welding seams t>10 mm.

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